Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mob Wars Updates, End Aug 2008

For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the past month like I have (sorry, fans), here's a quick update on some of the things that happened to the Mob Wars game on Facebook.

The developers have valiantly launched a multi-city version (lovingly called the London edition) a couple of weeks ago. It unfortunately didn't work too well, and it was retracted soon after.

The plan is now to provide more Jobs, Stockpile and more City Buildings instead.

Long term mobsters (well ok, more than a month old at least) would have noticed that some Establishments have been moved off the Beachfront Lot and renamed.

On the stockpile side, you can now buy CheyTac .408 (weapon) and Tactical Armor. And a Cargo Plane.. (I believe you have to be past level 45 to enjoy these).

Have I left anything out? Drop me a comment.


Dross said...

What a fantastic piece of kit. However would it be possible to have on the stockpile tab a cell link to how much you are worth on the Hitlist??

Just a thought

The best calc on the web

You should be proud :-0

theoldfather said...

Overall I think this is a great calculator, I just have 2 suggestions:

1) You added the Chey and Tactical Armor to the stock pile but not to the example enemy sheet. Not a big deal, but it did take a little time to transfer the stats over and figure out that you had a couple columns hidden.

2) This one would be a bit more complicated. I've noticed that your next best buy suggestions doesn't necessarily work the best that it could.

For example, given my stats it currently tells me that my next buy should be luxury hotels. However, I have noticed that if I buy 10 hotels first, it will have a positive impact on the amount of time needed to buy the luxury hotels. So I could actually buy the hotels first and then the luxury hotel in less time than it would have taken me to just buy the luxury hotels.

activ said...

Small mistake:

on "Next best buy" sheet, L9:L16 doesn't have the correct formula.

it should be ((HN-B21)/J17). similar to the formula in column K.

great calc -- use it all the time :)

Adelwyn said...

I'd like to thank you for an excellent calculator... it has become such an integral tool. Just a couple of quick comments though...
1. the developers have added in some new weapons that you may want to include.
2. i'm not entirely sure where the problem is, but there seems to be an inconsistency in the cost of an office building...

I would like to encourage you on the continued development of the calculator... thanks very much.

Apreal said...

You have done agreat job. I LOVE spreadsheets. I have been trying to add the weapons that are given when doing certain jobs. Two examples are the Wesson PPC with an attack of 7 and defence of 3, and the Double Barrel 45 with the attack of 13 and the defence of 10. The only problem is that they are free and can't be bought as far as I am aware of. The upkeep is $0 on both. When I add them the numbers don't add up. I am going to keep trying but thought I would mention it to you.