Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mob Wars Updates, End Aug 2008

For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the past month like I have (sorry, fans), here's a quick update on some of the things that happened to the Mob Wars game on Facebook.

The developers have valiantly launched a multi-city version (lovingly called the London edition) a couple of weeks ago. It unfortunately didn't work too well, and it was retracted soon after.

The plan is now to provide more Jobs, Stockpile and more City Buildings instead.

Long term mobsters (well ok, more than a month old at least) would have noticed that some Establishments have been moved off the Beachfront Lot and renamed.

On the stockpile side, you can now buy CheyTac .408 (weapon) and Tactical Armor. And a Cargo Plane.. (I believe you have to be past level 45 to enjoy these).

Have I left anything out? Drop me a comment.

Version 1.72

Latest V1.72 posted (thanks Kevin for the bug find)
The V1.71 upgrade to my spreadsheet was done by Matt.

I've tested it out and it looks good, so I'll not try to fix my own. It is now available at the download link on the right side of this blog.

And phew, good thing that London is out of play for now.
Sorry to all my fans, that i've been out of commission for so long..
I've been on a mousehunt, and had been busy putting together the mousehuntguide (shameless plug but it's my blog!)


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Waiting up the Next Mob Wars

Fans of FB Mob Wars who have been waiting too long for the Mob Wars upgrade may wish to hop onto this group and join it.


This is a silent and peaceable protest that is aimed to nudge the MW developer to deliver as well as to show support that the fans are still with him..