Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Version 1.72

Latest V1.72 posted (thanks Kevin for the bug find)
The V1.71 upgrade to my spreadsheet was done by Matt.

I've tested it out and it looks good, so I'll not try to fix my own. It is now available at the download link on the right side of this blog.

And phew, good thing that London is out of play for now.
Sorry to all my fans, that i've been out of commission for so long..
I've been on a mousehunt, and had been busy putting together the mousehuntguide (shameless plug but it's my blog!)



Neil (SM) said...

Hi Jester:

I've found the calculator to be a great help. There's a small addition I've been making to the last few versions. I was hoping to share it with some friends, but since it's your project I thought I'd just share it with you here and hopefully you found it useful.


Anyway, all I did was added another worksheet which sums your total number of weapons, armor, and cars, and compares that to your mob size. For example, if you have a mob size of 200 and a total of 190 guns, you will be able to clearly see that you need to buy 10 more guns to keep your mob fully stocked.

I've found that some people like myself try to keep the stockpile and upkeep at 10% to 20% of their income. This new page also calculates the percentage and displays how much more money you have available to spend on upkeep before reaching 10, 15 or 20 percent of your total income.

This probably needs some work; the formatting is pretty unsophisticated and I'm not sure if the terms I used will make sense to everyone. But I've found it useful.

I used openoffice.org to create this addition, but I've found it works as expected at least with excel 2003.

Neil Neyman (at gmail no spaces)

Neil (SM) said...

Bah, had an error in that version -- that link won't work anymore. Here's an updated version