Friday, September 5, 2008

Mob Wars Calculator Version 1.73

One more bug fix..
The Enemy sheet tab now shows the new gear.

Note that the bug on the Next Best Buy sheet has been fixed in v1.72. Carries over to this new version too.

Also, remember that this calculator is based on ROI, and not Time Value of money. So some recommendations may not be "sensible" in your guesstimation. And you're probably right. Read the rest of this blog to learn more about how to use the calculator..

If someone can describe how the Molotov works, I'll see if it can be included into the Calculator.

Also, do you all want to know how much you are worth on the Hitlist? I'll put it as a worksheet if enough people are interested..

Download v1.73 here.

Or at the download button on the right bar..


Tom said...

I made a modification that I think should be in the master version. On the Next Best Buy sheet, I added a field for how much money is in the bank, then changed the investable amount to include the bank total minus $2000 (required minimum in bank). So B24 now hast he formula:


Anyway, I know the bank isn't a good idea (other than for doctors), but this way the money we happen to have in there is accounted for.

Tom said...

Oh, and yes, I would like to have my Hit List value as well. :)

Richard said...

I personally use Cash on Hand as my bank $$$ whatever I have on hand.

Dollymibella said...

I have been using 1.72 and now my excel won't work. My husband has the same problem. We can open the spreadsheet but can't enter any info (same for all other spreadsheets). I have been using excel for just the mob wars calc for the past 2 weeks. Any ideas?? Thanks

Flare576 said...
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Flare576 said...

Hey, Just wanted to let you guys know I made a Google Doc of an earlier version and published it. I think I made the same modifications you guys did, and then a few more. Please check it out and let me know what you think:

(Last post deleted so I could subscribe to follow-up comments.)

Jester Nim said...

Can you PM me in facebook? I'll try to troubleshoot for you there..

good on ya!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know my hitlist value .. or how it's worked out, etc.

BTW, thanks for this - I'll have to read more about it as my boyfriend is seeing the "doesn't make sense" part of it now.

Flare576 said...

Hitlist value isn't too hard to figure out, at least at first:

Take your passive income (located on your "City" tab), use the number AFTER your stockpile deductions, and the add a zero to the end (so, 10x your value). After you get histlisted once, the cost to do it again goes up for some period. That part I don't know about yet.

Mumra 17 said...

I made some modifications to the NEXT BEST BUY sheet.

1. Accounted for Mobster Type in the "Revenue Per Day" column (Tycoon gets more).

2. Toggle-able option to account for the bank fee (of 10%).

3. Replicated "Cycles until Purchase", "Days to Purchase", and "Hours Left" columns for buying 1 and 5 establishments (before they only existed for buying 10).

Let me know if you want it.

Adeel said...

You should update this to add the wesson, double barreled 45, tactical shotgun, and ak-47 gl

Flare576 said...

I don't know about Jester, but I've made a few adjustments to my sheet (not live yet) to include the new job, but I haven't figured out an elegant (or accurate) way of listing the new weapons. If anyone knows their exact stats (Attack/Defense), that'd be at least a start!

Adeel said...

Wesson ppc: attack 7 defense 3
double barrel 45: attack 13 defense 10

i cant get the tactical shotgun cause it hates me :(

Flare576 said...

I was poking around some forums and found that the Tactical Shotgun is 17/14, but I still don't know what the AK GL is... I'm willing to bet it's pretty sweet considering the work you have to do in order to get and use it! Once I have that I should be able to finalize the google docs version I posted earlier in this thread.

JustinB said...

I'm only at 7 of the tactical shotguns . . . trying to get 10 so I can find out the stats on the AK GL!

Flare576 said...

Some kind person on a forum posted the stats for the AK-GL, confirming my suspicions of 20-14 (1 higher attack than the chey-tac).

As such, I've updated my spreadsheet. You can check it out:

Please let me know if you find any problems; I didn't test as much as I probably should have because I wanted to get it out there. Problems can be reported to the address on the first tab :)

Adeel said...

actually, i'm pretty sure the ak47 gl (the correct name is gp25, but whatever) has attack 20 and defense 40

Noletubby said...

Would someone mind explaining the landbanking problem that I don't understand. If you could sell all of your property at once, it would work but I was only able to sell 10 at a time which meant that I lost money past the first 10 empty lots. The theory made a lot of sense but it didn't work out that way. Am I doing something wrong or does landbanking only work for just 10 peices of land? Thanks for any help.

Flare576 said...

land banking is pretty straight forward if you follow some basic rules:

1. Always buy 10x at a time
2. Never have more than 10
3. Always sell 10x at a time.

If you have 10, and buy 10 more, you lose money. If you buy 5 or 1 at a time, you lose money. If you sell less than 10 at a time, you lose money :)

Finn61 said...

I had a look at Flare's version that he posted the link to and it seemed very old (property names etc).

So I took version 1.73 and added the new special weapons. Also fixed a formula on the analysis sheet which was displaying incorrectly and added the Total Cost column on the stockpile sheet as in Flare's version.

Here you go:

Kudos to Jester for a nice tool.

Flare576 said...

The new properties are there, too; I just didn't take out the old ones in case we ever see them pop back up, but considering how many other things have been added, it's probably safe to assume they're not coming back; I'll probably remove them from the next version

Also, Jester stopped working on the Jobs section, but I've done some work on it and incorporated it into the "Next Best Buy" page as well (doing a given job with current passive, you'll have XX hours to wait), in case you stopped looking at that page :)

Lastly; do you see the problem on the analysis page with my sheet or Jester's? I think I fixed a bug there, too, but not 100% sure :)

Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

First off-ROCK ON! Thanks, AWESOME. I am so addicted to MW and Dragon Wars. BUT here is my question...according to your spreadsheet your mob has to be so big to use certain stuff? Is that correct? It doesn't matter if I have 103 Mercedes W220 with a mob size of only 26...I can't use it unless I have a mob size of 181?? Correct??

Elaine said...

Do you have an updated version that incorporates the new weapons? Tactical Shotgun/AK-47s/etc.?