Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your Hitlist Price

Ever wondered how much it costs to hitlist you?

In your Mob wars game, click on My Stats. Then Add to Hitlist. You will see your price there.

It should work out to this formula:
$10*passive income+$5,000+$20*(number of people you've hitlisted).

If you had been recently hitlisted, your price will be DOUBLED for about 2 hours. This is to deter multiple hitlistings on you.

But of course, it doesn't always work :)

So start getting your passive income up. Use this mob wars calculator as a Next Best Buy guide.
Don't be a poor target...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tool. I just wanted to ask you about purchasing more than one property at a time. For example, I buy one restaurant the first time and ten the next time. This allows me to purchase a total of 11 restaurants at the original price, changing the ROI calculation. Should I assume that when you suggest the next by that you are suggesting I by the most that I can afford? Does the current equation you use account for the opportunity cost of saving up the necessary funds for the next purchase compared to buying something with a lower ROI sooner ($ earned during the time it takes to save)?

Anonymous said...

So how do I know how many ppl I've hitlisted?

Siddharth said...

brilliant work!
this will improve my game :)