Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's in Version 1.6

Two things in this version of the Mob Wars Calculator.
The Stockpile's Next Price now works correctly for purchases above 500 quantities.

The other update is rather wicked. Mobsters who play with HitLists should love this.
See the sheet tab labeled "Enemy_01". You can now store the User_id and Name of your favorite targeted mobster onto the sheet.

You are given two URL links beside that field. You can click to launch the add-to-hitlist directly in your default browser. Or launch the mobster's profile (where you can decide to attack, punch or hitlist).

Well, not always. I think Excel 2003's APIs are too old and they don't launch the mobwars page directly.. You can however still do a right-click and copy the link. Then go to your browser and paste this link into the Address box.. (Maybe it's time to move away from Excel 2003.)

"Enemy_01" sheet tab. When you do a right-click at the Sheet Tab, you will see a menu box open. Play with the "Move or Copy.." menu option. Yes, you can now Copy to create Enemy_02, Enemy_03 etc. I don't know how many mobsters you can keep on Tab, but my old notebook slows down after the 25th Mobster..

Have fun!


* said...

It's not that big of a deal but you can't update land bank amount. Thanks for the work you did on the calculator.

Jester Nim said...

Thanks for using the calc. Update the land bank amt to where?

Jason said...

hi, the land bank calculation is wrong as i reckon. I just tried. I have 10 piece of land for each type, empty lots, city blocks, downtown squares, beachfront lots, container yards. 10 each.

However, when i purchase the additional 10 lot downtown squares, it would cost me $20,000,000 as the first 10 block costs $10mil.

But when i try to cash out on the blocks of 20 downtownsquares by selling by the block of 10, i only taken back $25mil instead of the $30mil spent.

just my observation.

Jester Nim said...

that was actually an intentional omission..

the ROI for Undeveloped lands past the 11th number is very poor compared to investing in another Villa / restaurant.

also, it gets painful to handle that step-sell calculation on excel.

the "lose-lose" situation appears as an easy win by just not handling it.. :)

JcbMyHntz said...

Just some observations for Job_wip. For me, Tycoon, level 42, it takes me 5 mins to get one energy. I also believe that there are different ratios which could be considered with jobs. Cash/Energy and Experience/Energy. I prefer Experience/Energy to level up quicker and I believe that the best one is Drug Dealing. Just a thought.

Rob Thomas said...

I've made a few updates to 1.6 (added some 'buy 10' buttons, changed the way you do ROI) but I can't seem to find your email address to send it to you.. If you'd care to email me at xrobau@gmail.com I'll send you the changes and you can see if you want to adopt them!

Rob Thomas said...

Here's the link to 1.6b..


(SaveFile is pretty handy!)

Rob Thomas said...

..And here's 1.6c! http://savefile.com/files/1698935

mgpalma said...

Any chance of updating this to include the (new?) CheyTac .406 & Tactical Armor?

Great spreadsheet btw!