Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mobwars Calculator V 1.75

Minor fixes. Calculator v1.75
Thanks HJ


Anonymous said...

Hi Jester,Matt and Craig,

zillion thanks for this awesome calculator.

Please include AK-47 Grenade Launchers in the stockpile sheet. We get AK-47 Grenade Launchers after reaching Level 80, either as in return for 20 favor points from Godfather or as a drop item after doing "Illegal Weapons Smuggling Job" that unlocks at level 80 too.

AK-47 Grenade Launcher Stats:-
Attack: 24
Defense: 16

Ray said...

dude. there are new properties. if you'd like i could provide some details.

Ruwan Randeniya said...

Dont you love it when you have just finished building an awesome calculator- which by the way is totally cool- that the game designers will go and add some new feature that makes it all antiquated... keep up the good work.

aaronp said...

love your work. I tried to add the new properties and weapons to it myself, but it is far beyond my capabilities. obviously there is lots of behind the scenes calculations and reference numbers that need to worked out to make it work... i'm having to rely on the mob wars tool bar to tell me what to buy next at the moment :-( .